Miss Miranda
latex: Atsuko Kudo
© J. Isobel De Lisle photography

Anonymous asked:
This isn't meant to sound mean. But how do you feel that tons of people even people you know have seen you naked along with getting off to it?

The simple answer is I don’t feel any way about it at all.

Nudity isn’t and shouldn’t be a big deal. The fact that people have seen me naked in images on line or in person shouldn’t be a big deal. The fact that there are those who view my work as arousing and use it as masturbation material also isn’t a big deal. Hell, I’ve heard a few stories about couples seeing my images and then going at it. I’m glad that I can inspire such carnal enjoyment in men and women. (Always of legal age, though, please. Just saying.) 

I don’t particularly enjoy hearing the dirty details about people’s self-indulgent escapades to my images and I ask that those of you who do that keep it amongst yourself and your own fantasies. However, if you enjoy it…go for it. It’s part of my work. I got over the “wwwooooowwwww people jeeeerrrk tooo meeeee” feeling years ago. It’s a thing that happens. It happens more and more as my success grows and I become more recognized and popular. As well as my work getting better in quality. 

Nudity is nudity and sexuality is normal and healthy. No one should run from it and no one should be squemish about it.


Demon Wood by H0LL0W25

Model: pigeonfoo.tumblr.com/