When/why did you get into modeling?

When I was nineteen. I had wanted to try modeling, but never really gave a solid attempt at it. I was approached about being on the Cosplay Deviants website and saw it as an opportunity to not only try modeling, but also get back into cosplaying which I hadn’t done for a few years due to funding and time issues.

For a few years I only modeled for Cosplay Deviants, but now I’m more serious and trying to turn modeling from a fairly-lucrative hobby into a career.

Do you have a [INSERT SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE] account?
Here are all of the Social Network Sites you can find me on ::

Facebook : www.facebook.com/pigeon.foo
Fan Page : www.facebook.com/hellishshadow
DeviantArt : www.pigeonfoo.deviantart.com/
ModelMayhem : www.modelmayhem.com/1675193
Tumblr : www.pigeonfoo.tumblr.com/
Twitter : www.twitter.com/pigeonFOO

What else do you do artistically?

Well, I do draw. But I’m not the best at it at all. Mostly it’s a means to cure boredom or used as therapy.

What sorta games/animes/cartoons/comics do you play/watch/read/use for cosplay sets?

Mostly- what I’m in to. DC Comics are a huge love of mine, and I like a lot of older anime (Before 2006. I’ve had a hard time coming across anime I just love these last few years.)

I’m also willing to cosplay pretty much anything if a costume is provided by the person interested in seeing me do it. On these occasions I’m always sure to check out the material so I can adequately portray the character.

Who is your favorite character to dress up as?

Currently - Magik / Illyana from X-Men. I fell in love with her when I saw the poster for X-Infernus (which the comic store graciously gave me when they were done with it.) and bought the comic after pestering the owner with a billion questions about her. She’s an incredible character, and I especially appreciate the fact that she’s not happy and bubbly, but rather dark and serious. Plus, she turns in to a demon. How bad ass is that? I love my costume and always feel amazing when I have it on. The boots need some serious re-touching, however.

Where are you located?

I am located in the state of New York. Read : The STATE of New York. NOT NYC. There is more to New York than NYC, Manhattan and the Bronx. I live very far from all of these places.

How tall are you / How much do you weigh?

I am 5 feet tall. I weigh between 95 - 100 pounds. I am built petite and compact, but I still managed to grow curves where it counts.

What do you do in your free time?

Watch t.v. (and by that I actually mean Netflix and Hulu) play video games, the few I actually can play, and I love to read.

Do you ever get weirded out knowing what guys use your photos for?

When I agreed to do not only nude modeling, but modeling that involved stripping out of an anime costume, I understood fully what the results would be. If there weren’t men out there using my pictures for ‘inspiration’ I wouldn’t be very good at my job. It’s a very strange form of flattering. HOWEVER, although I understand and I am cool with this- I can really do without the mental image and I appreciate y’all not actually telling me about your adventures. Thank you!

OMG why you do such nasty modeling? [INSERT MULTIPLE INSULTS ABOUT NUDITY HERE]

I do it because I like to, because I can, because for as many people out there who do not like it I have just as many people who appreciate it, and because it is a fun and capable way of paying bills. It’s good times and good money, and I’m all about that.

Do you make your own costumes?

No. I have no sewing skills whatsoever. I would love to find a teacher, or take classes, so I could begin making my own costumes or at least parts of them. But currently my costumes were made for me by outside sources. The one exception being my Poison Ivy costume for Halloween. I bought everything I needed in white and dyed it green, then bought the fake leaves and flowers and attached them. But no sewing was involved.

Will you send me nude pictures for free?

I post nude work on my tumblr and deviantArt pages. I suggest going there if you’re looking for handouts. There’s also the option of the paysites I model for and buying the images I have for sale if you’re looking for the good stuff.

How do I get the sets you sell?

Send me a message and I let you know the price and general run down of the set you’re asking about. I take the payment through paypal, and send a link to the .zip file of the full set once I have recieved the money. You then download the set and badda bing.

Same goes for personal sets you want just for you. These cost more than the general sets, because I’m not able to sell them to others or to websites to make up for the profit I would make on a basic Set For Sale. We discuss what you want from the set and when we have reached an agreement on content and price you follow the instructions as above.

Where can I go/ how can I donate?

If you wish to donate to my modeling and cosplaying, then it goes to my paypal. You can message me for the email address.

Will you marry me?

Chances are, no. But there are a few select exceptions to the ‘No’ answer.

Where did you come up with the name Pigeon Foo?

In short. I like Pigeons. I like the Foo Fighters. And I like Fuu from the series Samurai Champloo, which is pronounced the same as Foo. Mostly, though, I like pigeons.

What sites can we see you on?
The paysites you can find me on would be the following ::

NookieCutter dot com
CosplayDeviants dot com
BrokenDollz dot com
BrokenDollHouse dot com

If you sign up for either Broken Dollz or Broken Doll House, be sure to go to ‘Pigeon Foo’ on the drop down menu and sign up through my profile. I get the referral credit, it goes to show that I am in demand and means that I will shoot for the site more and have more sets released. I also get a portion of the payment when my profile is used.

What would you like to do after modeling?

That’s something I’m hoping to figure out as I’m modeling. I would love to be a photographer, but unsure as to whether that’s a realistic career path for me or not. I’d certainly love to stay somewhere in the modeling and photography industry and still be around the camera. Perhaps if I ever get proper lessons I could make clothing and become a wardrobe stylist….or a make up artists….Hmmm. There’s a lot of possibilities and one day we’ll see which road I take.